Video for Dust and Corpses

We never showed our first music video for the Song  Dust and Corpses. We do it now.


It haunts me
This madness
Passing the exam of life
Get the most out of it
While I am eating
Dust and Corpses
Will I reach the goal in the league of individualists?

And in the end I am no more than an ego
Life is void broadly
Shining for one or two seconds
Never paid for peace and joy
Fighting quietly
Dreaming of victory

But all that remains is mindlessness - is war
Never get enough of it
Just wallow in self-deception
Until nothing no longer exists
Now life is what it is
Divided and melted away
Barely succeeded
The grave of hope is bleeding.


Video by Peter Hönnemann and Anita Goß / Assistants: Sebastian Asiedu/ Daniela Meise / Hair & Make up: Sonja Shenouda/ Thank you: Kampnagel Hamburg

Song written and performed by ANIQO Vocals: ANIQO/ Piano+Guitar: Andreas Scheffer/ Drums+Bass: Joep Dooper/ Violin: Yagiz Erarslan Engineering/Recording: Sebastian Muxfeldt @ Clouds Hill Studio 2017

all rights reserved, Hamburg 2017